AfD wirkt, or AfD Derangement Syndrome.


Last Thursday evening, in the Bundestag. this poor member of the Social Democratic Party apparently completely lost it, watching a speech by the AfD.

Thank you to whoever took this screenshot, and posted it on German social media:

AfD speech triggers Social Democrat

which made me go, find the speech, and extract the GIF.

It is a decent speech, and I don’t know why it upset her so much. But anyway, I can’t stop playing:

AfD Derangement Syndrome

The Islam critical, anti open border AfD were founded as recent as in 2013, and entered the German Bundestag as the largest oppostional party at the recent national elections. The last time a new party was able to enter the Bundestag was The Greens in 1983.

“AfD wirkt”, their slogan, could be translated as “the AfD effect”.